Meeting Notes for September


In Game Lunch Meeting

Present: Alex and Iris

  • Come with a template for weekly emails
  • Work on the website

Reflections on eSports Overwatch:

How should InGame facilitate a local eSports presence given the current level of interest expressed in regular practice attendance, the diversity of skill levels represented in our regular attendees, and what we know about TESPA restrictions on league participation for non-university players?

  • InGame will not organize around a singular team for the purposes of realizing our goals of inclusivity and accessibility. If people within the group want to organize teams around particular skill levels, they should do so and we should enable them to reach out to the group as a whole for these organizing purposes. This way, we are not, as a group, simply an arm of TESPA’s silly organizational rules. We are able to establish meaningful ties with our local community, and foster a positive play ethic around organized game practice. Teams who wish to organize, thus, are also enabled to coordinate their organization through Gaming at IU, a well-established arm of this sort of coordination on campus.
  • InGame will characterize our regular practice sessions as opportunities for everyone to play as they see fit. This might mean solo queuing in a room with other people who have grouped up to play together; this might look like asking to play a particular role on the team in consecutive matches; this might look like shadowing or spectating people who play a role you want become better at; this might look like asking people for pointed advice on how they can improve their performance on a team in accomplishing team-oriented tasks.
  • For our meetings, we’ll try to avoid establishing strict habits around how ‘the group’ will organize their play. Not everyone wants to do headshot practice for the first 30 minutes, and there shouldn’t be this unspoken obligation to join in if all you want to do is join people for Quick Play. But, what we can do is establish a soft commitment to reserve the first 30 minutes of our meetings for ‘Warm Up’ practice of one version or another. If people want to skip that or do something else for the first 30 minutes, that’s cool—what is practical here is that everyone can share in the expectation that they can group with others locally after that 30 minute mark. Moreover, it doesn’t obligate (and hopefully this was never really the case) the group to ‘wait for everyone to arrive’ before jumping into the game.
  • During this warm up period it might also be a good idea to practice warming up our hands and forearms to help establish preventative routines that guard against things like carpel tunnel syndrome.


Selected Notes Following the Gaming @ IU Callout Meeting (9/7/2017)

Present (Facebook Chat): Alex, Iris, Lucas, Javon

  • Alex met with IU Gaming president, who expressed concern that InGame and IU Gaming efforts to coordinate eSports activity could be at odds with each other. IU Gaming is expressly interested in coordinating TESPA activities, which is not central to InGame’s mission. Gaming @ IU is keen on maintaining clean communication by being responsible for all Overwatch eSports team management. This does not preclude InGame from holding our own grad student practices when we want, nor from fielding our own team of grads in upcoming tournaments, nor from serving coaching, casting, or other roles for our own team or other teams who ask for it, nor from coordinating events (formal and informal) with players who are not IU-affiliated students. It was agreed that IU Gaming would take the lead on coordinating action for students/teams wanting to pursue TESPA-affiliated competitive activities.
  • A message will be circulated on the listserv saying to the effect: Anyone interested ONLY in eSports play, that is being on an Overwatch team as a competitive PLAYER, will be directed to Gaming @ IU, which will be officially organizing teams through TESPA. People only wanting to ally with other TESPA-affiliated players will be removed from the list. Anyone interested in game research OR mentorship from our graduate students, regardless of interest in playing Overwatch or other games, will be encouraged to remain on our listserv so that we may engage in productive discussions and help interested individuals learn more about game research and possible careers in game-related fields.
  • Alex was made an IU Gaming officer.
  • Lucas is having trouble filing paperwork to apply to be a Rocket League caster for TESPA and having trouble self-sorting into the role.
  • A number of us predominantly involved in the coordination of administrative tasks are searching for appropriate titles to help characterize our leadership roles within the group without over-determining power dynamics within the community that’s emerging here. For the time being we’ll call ourselves a ‘Steering Committee’ because we recognize the group’s interests and initiatives will change over time as our membership grows in size.
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