Meeting Notes for August 2017


InGame Meeting Minutes

Present: Alex & Iris

InGame and our eSports initiatives are two different projects and we need to differentiate between them. InGame is more scholarly in practice, while our eSports project is characterized by the games people organize around. eSports initiatives will need code of conducts drafted for each game people organize around, and these documents will need to be game specific. The mission for InGame as a whole will be much less involved, and more focused around networking scholars (broadly defined) who want to engage intellectually with games in some way.


  • TESPA affiliation is a necessary objective because of Overwatch tournament structure
  • having difficulty contacting IU representative for this group (undergrad, summer internship — checked out); need to meet with this person and try to convince them to cede responsibility for our group representation and affiliation (basically, give us the wheel plz)

Gaming at IU

  • Alex has been in contact with friendly, helpful people here — is willing to let us create an IU Facebook group for InGame eSports without having to go through. This will give us access to their resources, including monetary, to be defined and understood better (in terms of substance) as we work to organize events.
  • There is an active Discord group that we can use to ask questions.


  • There is a fall tournament that Alex has been told about from representatives in Gaming at IU group; we should try to participate.
  • Should host General Interest meetings for this tournament; Nick is currently working on the materials (advertising) for this initiative. These general interest meetings are already scheduled during Welcome Week. Alex is point man on this.

To Do

  • Meet after school starts (Javon, Brian, Lucus, Alex, Iris) to draft literature that describes the group’s mission and goals
  • (Iris) Establish WordPress website with language about Overwatch with the goal of getting Google’s attention over the long term
  • Need a photo of the Predators with different games open and being played on them (people in the shot and a separate shot with no people would be good), to be used as a banner image for the eSports InGame page
  • Need an aerial photo of Bloomington for the InGame main page header (this header should be stylized with other graphical elements, with the InGame logo superimposed)
  • Contact Norman Su about possibly being a point of contact for inGame so that students can coordinate with him in the future to get access to accounts and privileges.
  • Work with Gaming at IU to establish our own web presence on the site; a link the blogroll
  • Alex will post fliers about InGame around campus and we’ll ask Jon to hang fliers at the Monroe County Public Library and Iris will do coffeeshops around the downtown.
  • Discuss possibility of hosting a symposium on game-related research in December. This should be an opportunity to help us all rehearse how InGame intersects with our research.
  • Solicit people who want to affiliate with InGame (people who are on the board, who are students, who are part of the community) for short biographies that describe them and their interest in InGame in a few sentences. Basically, describe what you want out of the group.
  • Establish a Discord channel for our Overwatch group
  • Share eSports notes related to casting
  • Overwatch Coaching: need to draft documents that help solidify compositions for certain maps and game types


inGame Meeting 8/29/2017

Agenda: goals for the semester, roles within the group, eSports initiative (review, what’s available, and where we want to go)


  • Steven
  • Kenton
  • Patrick R.
  • Nick
  • Brian
  • Ariana
  • Nick L.
  • Alex
  • Lucas
  • Iris

What is inGame?

  • Alex started this initiative about 2 years ago with the emergence of some student interest in forming some kind of group. Should be a place we can come together to talk to each other, talk about and study games, facilitating competitive play across campus.

What is inGame to the people here?

  • Steven: my expectation is that this is where resources are gathered and where you can connect with students, faculty, resources that help you do what you want.
    • Nick: (in particular between the media school and informatics)
  • Alex & Iris: as a way for people on campus and people within the Bloomington community to engage with each other over games (scholarly or recreationally)

Roles —

inGame initiatives – Fall 2017

  • There is a long patchwork history of trying to jumpstart eSports on campus. Our current efforts to network with IU Gaming may help us sustain a renewed effort this semester. IU Gaming is helping us start by generously networking in with their initiatives and proving us with access (to some degree) a budget.
  • More recently an initiative to establish eSports on campus stopped at Rec Sports, who refused to recognize eSports on campus on the basis of these activities not ‘being physical enough’
  • After that failure, efforts moved to incorporate eSports through UITS but efforts have stalled there because of sponsors being hired elsewhere in the midst of the paperwork process.
  • New working philosophy: ask for forgiveness, not permission. Work to establish infrastructure this year such that at some point in the future some administrator is just signing on the dotted line and letting us to continue doing what we’re doing.
  • IU Gaming: History of fracture and coalescence aside, leagues are now moving to affiliate/partner with IU Gaming into a larger network of eSports teams for various games.
    • Rocket League: Game hasn’t been around that long, but within the past year a Discord server was started locally to coordinate around ‘College Carball’ (Intercollegiate competition started by someone at Purdue)
      • Working with TESPA has been a pain; one big issue the group is working around right now has to do with students from different IU branches working together (IUPI students and IUB students aren’t technically allowed to play together because of institutional boundaries)
      • Not an actual club really; meeting in person for the first time this week
  • Teams should be autonomous but share resources.
  • IU Affiliation: TESPA woes
    • It matters that players are not all affiliated with the same institution. We will have problems moving forward with TESPA if we want to build teams with people of a mix of satellite campuses vs IUB.
  • Speaker Series
    • Media School is offering a little bit of money to invite speakers to campus
  • Workshops
    • Local opportunities to network with people across campus who study games in some capacity, to provide space to workshop research

UpComing Meetings

  • IU Game Council
    • IU Gaming Summit 7:30-9:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 31, in Room 015 of the Student Building
      • Sign-ups for various teams
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